Here are just a few of the things which we have prepared for our guests in the past few months. We are happy to prepare gluten and lactose free breakfasts and vegetarian if you wish. We can also oblige if you need a low foodmap diet, just let us know when you are making your booking.



Steamed fresh asparagus with shaved Parmesan

Asian Carrot soup

If you like oysters, they are locally grown so as fresh as you will get!

bed and breakfastMain Course

A Salmon fillet served on a bed of mashed Kumara, topped with a cream, horseradish, dill and caper sauce and spinach salad

A fillet of beef in an Asian inspired marinade served with a medley of roasted vegetables and steamed greens or salad

Butter Chicken served with basmati rice and steamed greens




Chocolate brownie served with whipped cream

Flourless orange cake served with runny cream

A lemon curd and coconut slice served with whipped cream


We are happy if you would like to bring a bottle of wine with you

Two courses for two $90.00


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